Gamma Display Assist

Pro Tip: Use Gamma Display Assist When Shooting S-Log

Hey guys, Steve here back with another pro tip. Today I want to talk about something I use on almost every shoot I go on: the Gamma Display Assist Function on the Sony a7S II and the a6500.

Lots of Sony cameras come with the ability to shoot in Log formats, such as S-Log2 and S-Log3 on Sony cameras, V-Log on Panasonic cameras, D-Log on DJI drones, and so on.

Shooting in a Log format can be tricky. The resulting image is always way undersaturated and low contrast, almost to the point of appearing monochromatic. Of course this is gives us great latitude in post-production, but shooting in it can make judging your exposure and your white balance difficult.

As a remedy, Sony has built in a very useful function into many of their cameras called Gamma Display Assist. What this does is translate your image from a Log color space into a more “normal” or linear color space such as Rec.709 when you look at it in the monitor or the  viewfinder. 

Now, you’re still shooting in Log, but what you’re seeing on the screen is a fairly accurate representation of what your image will look like after you’ve color-corrected it. Saturation looks normal, skin tones look normal, etc. This will make it way easier to judge your exposure and your white balance. 

Another Pro tip: If you’re like me, and you shoot in a Log format a lot, it’s a good idea to take advantage of the high level of customization Sony cameras offer and set one of your Custom buttons or your Function menu to toggle the Gamma Display Assist function on and off. 

There you go guys! If you have any questions, feel free to leave them below, and let me know if Gamma Display Assist improves your shooting!