How Long Will My Films Be?

No two weddings are the same, nor are two wedding films. Typically, Love Story films range between three and eight minutes, while our longer-form Documentary films can vary wildly. And your Instagram Teaser will be 60 seconds or less.

Your Wedding Film will be a creative edit telling the story of your love and your day. This is the film that will be uniquely you, and they are our favorites to create. 

Your Documentary Film will be a more straightforward account of the events that transpired on your wedding day and include the ceremony in full, as well as the events of the reception (all the toasts and speeches given, special dances (Father-Daughter, Mother-Son, etc.), traditions like the garter and bouquet toss, cake cutting, and the like). As a result, the Documentary film can range anywhere from 20 minutes to two hours (or more!), depending on the lengths of your ceremony and reception.