The Wedding of Ami and Hannes at Lighthouse Point Park in New Haven, CT

"The rocky ledge runs far into the sea, and on its outer point, some miles away, The Lighthouse lifts its massive masonry, a pillar of fire by night, of cloud by day." As a huge fan of Gilmore Girls, we always knew we'd love Connecticut. Now we can say that we know for sure! This wedding was everything you could dream of: a sunset on the beach, a lighthouse in the background, a vintage carousel from the 1920s, and two people madly in love. From the getting ready at their own home to the sparkler send off at the end, the whole day was magical. By the end of the weekend, we felt like we were a part of the family!

Venue: Lighthouse Point Park
Photographer: Iris Photography
Make-Up Artist: Sun Kissed Glow
Hair: Lachers Hair By Demand 
Coordinator: Detaillé