The Wedding of Meghan and Zach at Madera Estates in Spring, TX

Meghan and Zach met while they were in 8th grade and dated throughout their high school careers. When graduation came around, they decided to go their separate ways because they figured marrying your high school sweetheart is only something you see in the movies. (Boy, were they wrong!) Zach headed to Nebraska for football and Meghan ended up at Arizona State. They talked here and there throughout those years, but never thought they’d end up back together…especially since they were living so far apart. 

After college they both ended up finding themselves back home in Houston and realized they just couldn’t fight fate! By the time they got married they had known each other for 17 years - more than half their lives! It’s not every day you get to witness two middle school sweethearts coming together in marriage all these years later! 

It was a beautiful winter wedding and the joy everyone felt seeing these two finally tie the knot was infectious. View their wedding film here.

Venue: Madera Estates
Photographer: Suzy Taylor Photography