The Wedding of Samantha and Jason at the Padua Hills Theatre in Los Angeles, CA

Samantha and Jason had quite a wild ride on their wedding day. When we arrived in the morning, we were the only people there and the ceremony area was set up outside. About an hour later, the bride and her bridesmaids arrived to have their hair and makeup done. Shortly thereafter the groom and his guys arrived as well. Sometime near the end of makeup and hair, the one thing a bride doesn't want to happen on her wedding day began to happen: the skies opened up and it began to pour. Samantha had to make a decision: wait it out or breakdown everything and move it inside. They ended up moving the ceremony inside and it was beautiful (made even more beautiful by their heartfelt vows to each other). Since it was California, the rain didn't last for long, and we decided to do shoot at the amazing Vasquez Rocks a few days later to capture some more romantics. Enjoy their wedding film!

Venue: Padua Hills Theatre
Photographer: Kevin Dinh
Caterer: Chantrelle's Catering